About Us

Global Learning Hub believes the right to education is a fundamental right.

The right to education is a fundamental human right. It is essential for people to be able to reach their full potential and contribute to society. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world has access to quality education. 

In Afghanistan, there is a lack of resources and educational infrastructure, which has made it difficult to implement free and compulsory primary education for boys and girls.

Global Learning Hubs project aims to address this issue by providing quality education to the children of Afghanistan. This project will also provide training for teachers and staff and will develop a curriculum that is relevant to the needs of the students.

This project will have a significant impact on the lives of children on Afghanistan and Afghan refugees. Our platform provides access to quality education that would otherwise be unavailable to many students, most predominately girls and will provide them with the opportunity to get a quality education, which will help them break free from the cycle of poverty and dependence. It will also empower them with the tools they need to create a better future.

Our Team

Heather Haslam

President & CEO, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Heather has been working in the school system for over 20 years with Adult Education in Canada and Trades in particular, directing educational and technical programs as well as curriculum writing. 

She completed her Instructor Development Program Advanced Levels in 2014 for Adult Education. She is an International Educator with an ICC in Life Fulfilment Coaching, a motivational speaker and Business
Developer in the Esthetic Industry.

Heather was visiting Pakistan, supporting another project in late 2022 as the Esthetic Director Of Oasis Beauty School for Afghan Women Refugees, when she saw a great need for schooling for the refugee children living in Pakistan, along with the education crisis and ongoing ban against Afghan girls’ learning. 

Together with Waqar Ahmed’s vision of online schooling this sparked her passion to create GLH Education Foundation to support Global Learning Hub in Pakistan.


Iram Naeem

Director, British Columbia, Canada

Iram is a Special Education Assistant with a Bsc in Math, Stats and Physics. 

She is a Volunteer for many programs in B.C including BCMA Social Director, Board of Directors for Special needs Kids, and Ambassador for Masken Home for Angels.

She also teaches 2 to 4 religion Islamic studies along with Workshops on pain Management with the University of Victoria.


Reza Kateb

Director, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Reza is a former Chairman and Board Member of Marefat Civil Capacity Building Organization, 2008-2023, and a Board Member of Mother Trust Organization 2011-2023 entirely volunteer in Afghanistan.

 In the past twenty-five years, he has worked for the World Food Program, Medicines Sans Frontiers, Global Communities, the Asia Foundation, Development Alternatives Inc., and
Public Organizations, in Afghanistan.

He has been a long-time advocate of education, Human Rights, and gender equality. Mr. has an MSc in Public Policy from the University of Bristol and a BA in Social Sciences from Kabul University.